Terms of Service

Updated 08/2/2019

Pandora Black – Our Terms of Service agreement.

Effective January 1st, 2016 (updated 08/02/19)

All work which include projects, logos, graphics and web design require a deposit of 50% (fifty percent) in order for any work to begin. Once a deposit has been accepted you agree that this is considered an acceptable contract between the author, designer and the customer. Deposit is non refundable.

Once work is completed on a project the remaining amount will be due within 5 business days with the exception, not including websites or hosting. All deposits are non-refundable unless stated otherwise. We accept personal & business checks and credit cards. There is a $45.00 return check fee for checks returned to our bank. Full payment of any returned check including any other fee’s is due within 5 business days.

Effective January 1st, 2016 (updated 08/02/19)

* Unpaid accounts:

If you do not pay the remaining balance due for any work completed, Pandora Black reserves the right to suspend or terminate any contract, account or even pursue final payment by reporting you to the proper collection agency for further action. You will be reported to all 3 credit reporting agencies which in many cases affect your credit rating. If paying by credit card or paypal and you file a charge back or stop payment on services that have been completed for websites or hosting, Pandora Black reserves the right to suspend, terminate or block your website your IP address or DNS to the website. If a project is over $1000 a judgement may be filed against the unpaid balance.


Your website will not launch, “go live” or “be activated” until full payment has been made. In some exceptions a final payment arrangement can be made in advance.


Hosting is a non deposit service whereas the buyer or customer will purchase the hosting package in full. This is a duration normally of 365 days per year or 12 months.

There is no refund on hosting once purchased. * Hosting is always free for the first year (12 months) for any new customer who purchases a complete website package. This package also includes your domain name.

Special fees:

A service call on normal business days which is Monday – Friday is $25.00 for any emergency work which may consist of website issues, domain issues or server side client issues. You will be billed for the call.

On weekends and holidays:

A service call or support will be a charge of $100.00 per ticket, support related issues or phone call.

Full restoration & backup:

If you require a full restoration or backup of your entire content which includes your website, domain, hosting and database at any time for any given reason, you will be charged $125.00.

Images & Content:

You agree not to use copyrighted images on your domain (website) without prior consent from the original owner. We recommend using “Royalty-Free” images, Stock images or personal images that are captured and distributed by you. You are responsible for any and all costs related to copyright infringement suits or settlements.

You may not use any adult images or related content on your domain (website). This will result in an immediate suspension of your domain (website) and hosting which violates Inmotion Hosting terms of usage and agreement.

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