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  • Music design
  • Responsive websites
  • Audio collaboration
  • Audio platforms
  • Social audio

Live collaborration

All work is done via live stream, uploads and project sharing. You must have a high speed internet connection for live sessions and team collaboration.

A 200mbs and higher connection is required for continuous workflow when connecting to our servers.

We accept all major credit cards

Audio Design
Intros, outros, loops and music
Web Design
Musicians, DJ's, blogs and branding
Design for everyone

Complete audio production and design for every type of musician. A dedicated studio with unlimited tracks and endless possibilities when creating and mastering your prodution.

Featuring an Allen & Heath Qu 32 digital mixer with a custom sound design surface and daw control for Ableton, Reaper and MPC Beats.

Connecting live sessions via streaming and BandLab integration for easy collaboration.

Modern & Retro Workstations

Featuring the vintage DK Synergy systems and other analog synthesizers from Moog, Roland and Sequential Circuits producing a warm and soothing sound pallet that makes your pulse rise.

Sporting the all new Akai MPC Key 61 and Akai Force V2 along with Roland Flagship The Roland Fantom. When you combine the iconic with the modern era you get unparalleled sound screation.

Latest Projects

All music is recorded & produced by "Man of Sound". Music is registered with the ISRC for proprietary monetization where permitted.

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