Audio production & design

Audio Workflows

A complete digital studio using today's technology both in hardware and software applications. Featuring unlimited virtual tracks with more than 200 terabytes of total cloud space.

On demand audio applications allow for quick access to complete sound design and mixdowns for complete production.

  • Abelton
  • MPC Beats
  • Reaper
  • Bitwig
  • Roland
  • Akai
  • Soundcraft
  • Korg
  • Now on Minds
    Ultimate social network

    Now you can find Pandora Black on The ultimate social network for creators, artsits and writers.

  • GearTree
    Audio gear

    The best in audio sales and support. View their products online at Amazon or their website for more information.

  • New live studio
    On location

    Our new studio is now live featuring virtual studio rooms allowing musicians to connect where there is an internet conneciton.

  • Audiomack
    Premium audio

    Find Pandora Black on Audiomack. The largest online audio portal and music streaming service for all musicians and producers.

Designed for today's musicians

Showcase your band, promote your blog or provide information on your next gig, tours and events with your own dedicated virtual room.

Upload videos, (your own music) share posts, events, write, chat, IM, connect, collaborate and award your fans with special promotions, digital badges, tickets, discounts and more.

  • $99 Year

    Paid Once

    Get everything in the monthly plan with additional "moderator features". Control your room, create sub rooms and invite your fans, and create speical events.

  • $9.99 Month

    Paid Monthly

    Pay as you go and get access to all the feautres of Live Rooms has to offer. Upload videos, share, chat, collaborate, award your fans, share your music, promote your brand.

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