Creating music

DJs | Creators | Solo Artists | Podcasters & Streamers

  • Audio Design

    Promote your brand, events and sell your merchandise including tickets with your own music platform.

  • Sound Libraries

    From samples to loops made for today's djs, artists and podcasters. Customized for today's samplers and DAWs.

  • Commercial Soundtracks

    Commercial backing music, promos, Intros and outros for your final mix, podcast or video ready for brodcast.

Software Formats

  • Ableton:
    Live 11
  • BitWig:
    Current Version
  • Reaper:
    Current Version
  • MPC Beats:
    Free & Paid
  • Mixcraft:
    8 & 9
  • Audacity:
    Current Version

Hardware Formats

  • Akai:
    MPC Live, Live II & Force & MPC One
  • Korg:
    Krome, Kross, Korss 2
  • Roland:
    Juno Ds, FA, Fantom, MV-1
  • Yamaha:
    Genos, MODX MOXF, Motif

All music, samples and loops are compatible with the current versions of most DAWs. More than 160 export formats for specific instruments and modules for audio & video.

Music packs & libraries for specific workstations and samplers, formats are available in WAV, AIF, MP3, FLAC and OGG file types. Original manufactures formats for the following producst are also listed.

VAT and sales tax Where applicable.

Latest Work

"When it rains" is the latest production from Pandora Black. Song and video were recordered and mixed in house and can be viewed online from itunes, Amazoon Music, Spotify and other music platforms.

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